Effective solutions for Pest Control

Rodents and insects are a nuisance at the best of times. But when they start to endanger the health of people, or consume raw materials, stored goods or food intended for sale, or when they damage the very fabric of your premises, then you know you’ve got a pest problem on your hands.

The Pest Control Solutions teams at BASF help you protect your home or business against pest-related damage and harm and ensure that public buildings and other facilities are vermin-free. Our wide range of products, coupled with the expertise and experience of professionals including pest control operators, farmers, facilities and warehouse managers, provide innovative, high performance and sustainable solutions for pest control.

BASF offers a comprehensive portfolio of modern pest control solutions for the most demanding pest management professionals. Whether your specific area is residential properties, retail businesses, agriculture, industry or hospitality, BASF has the products with a proven track record of results. We also offer pest controllers expert advice to help reduce the overall cost of treatments and keep up-to-date labels and safety datasheets.